Crown Statement - State Institutional Response Hearing 2022

The following statement was read by Crown counsel on the opening day of the Royal Commission’s State institutional response hearing, held in August 2022.

The Crown's opening statement at the Royal Commission's State institutional response hearing  


Crown Statement - Māori Hearing 2022

The following statement was read by Crown counsel on the opening day of the Royal Commission’s Māori hearing, held in March 2022.

The Crown's opening submission at the Royal Commission's hearing into Māori experiences of abuse in care 


Independent research on Māori experience of State care 1950-99

This study, by Ihi Research, was commissioned by the Crown Response primarily to assist the Royal Commission’s Māori investigation. It is believed to be the most comprehensive research ever done on Māori historical experience of State care, drawing together a vast range of data from State organisations and interviewing people closely involved in the care system during 1950-99. The research was formally presented to the Royal Commission at a whakatau on 26 October 2021.

Summary of key themes from the research 

Full research report [PDF, 15 MB]

A3 summary of the research [PDF, 2.5 MB]

Easy read Word version of the research report [DOCX, 8.2 MB]

Easy read PDF version of the research report [PDF, 4.2 MB]

For document readers, the full research report is also available in chapters:

Hāhā-uri hāhā-tea Part 00 Title Preface Executive summary [DOCX, 74 KB] 

Hāhā-uri hāhā-tea Part 01 Whakapapa [DOCX, 104 KB]

Hāhā-uri hāhā-tea Part 02 Māori over-representation in State care [DOCX, 5.2 MB] 

Hāhā-uri hāhā-tea Part 03 Differential treatment [DOCX, 90 KB]

Hāhā-uri hāhā-tea Part 04 The impact of the system on Māori [DOCX, 416 KB]

Hāhā-uri hāhā-tea Part 05 Te Tiriti o Waitangi [DOCX, 78 KB]

Hāhā-uri hāhā-tea Part 06 Puao te Ata Tū [DOCX, 107 KB] 

Hāhā-uri hāhā-tea Part 07 Māori staff working in State Care [DOCX, 449 KB]

Hāhā-uri hāhā-tea Part 08 Resistance response and critical junctures of change [DOCX, 565 KB]

Hāhā-uri hāhā-tea Part 09 Methodology [DOCX, 156 KB]

Hāhā-uri hāhā-tea Part 10 Appendices [DOCX, 73 KB] 


State care timeline

To help the Royal Commission understand the many changes to state care over the years, government agencies jointly prepared a timeline that sets out reports, changes to legislation and institutions across the welfare, justice, education and health sectors

State care timeline


Records overview

A high-level picture of agency records relevant to the Abuse in Care Royal Commission

Overview of agencies' records


Crown Statement - State redress hearing 2020 

The Crown's management of claims involving abuse in State care, including its responses to concerns raised by claimants, are summarised in its closing statement to phase two of the Royal Commission's State redress hearing, which was held October-November 2020

The Crown's closing submission for the Royal Commission State redress hearing


Crown Statement - contextual hearing 2019

At the Royal Commission’s contextual hearing in November 2019, the Crown counsel made a statement setting out how the Crown intends to engage with and respond to the Commission

Crown statement at the Royal Commission's contextual hearing, October 2019


Crown response funding

Summary of funding for the Crown’s response to the Royal Commission, listing amounts by Budget appropriation (Vote)

2019-20 Crown Response funding

2020-21 Crown Response funding

2021-22 Crown Response funding

2022-23 Crown Response funding


Briefing to Incoming Minister

Briefings to Incoming Ministers (BIMs) are briefings received by incoming Ministers following the formation of a new Government. After the formation of the Government following the November 2020 general election, the Minister for the Public Service was provided with a BIM on the Crown Response. That BIM has been publicly released on the Beehive website(external link).


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