Information on the Government’s decisions on the Crown Response to the Abuse in Care Royal Commission of Inquiry can be found in the Cabinet papers, briefings to Ministers and responses to the Official Information Act requests below. 

Research reports and Crown statements to inquiry hearings are also available below as supporting information.

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Cabinet papers

Access Cabinet papers below or see those available in alternate formats.









Briefings to Ministers


Briefings to Incoming Ministers

Incoming Ministers receive briefings following formation of a new Government or changes to Cabinet.

Two briefings to incoming Ministers on the Abuse in Care Inquiry Response have provided to the Minister of Public Service. These have followed changes to cabinet in 2023 and to government in 2020:

Other ministerial briefings


Research provided to the Royal Commission

Download or read summaries of research provided to the Royal Commission:


Crown statements

The following statements have been given by the Crown to Royal Commission hearings: 

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